Jerome Rendering Limited can provide: Pebble Dash, Smooth Render, Decorative Brick, Tyrolean, and general plastering.

Recent changes in the law now state any external rendering carried out must comply with Building Regulations. JRL can assist in making sure you comply to these regulations and can supply and fix the necessary external wall insulation required prior to rendering.

Please feel free to contact us for previous customer's contact details who can provide references, or contact us to provide addresses of completed render finishes for you to view. We have many properties throughout Cannock, Sutton Coldfield, Rugeley, Shenstone and many more surrounding areas.

Pebble Dash

Pebble dashing is a process where a mixture of sand, gravel and small pebbles are thrown onto a prepared wall to set.

This decorative wall covering is popular in many areas, with the benefit of being long-lasting and relatively simple to apply.

Smooth Render

A perfect smooth finish for your walls, which can then be painted.

Decorative Brick

Decorative brick tiles provide a stylised brick finish to your walls, giving them the appearance of any brick style you choose. We can give your home the appearance you want without any hassle.

Tyrolean Rendering

Tyrolean render is a mortar or cement based covering applied to outer walls as a protective layer or the bricks underneath. It has a decorative, contoured appearance and can be applied in a wide range of colours.

Historically, tyrolean has a tendency to crack and flake and, if not applied properly, will lose purchase on the wall. To prevent this, we cover the tyrolean with a transparent coating to ensure it remains in quality condition for years to come.

What can we offer?

Jerome Rendering Limited can provide: Pebble Dash, Smooth Render, Decorative Brick, Tyrolean, Settef and plastering.

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